Press "hot keys» WIN + Pause, after authorize in the system.This combination opens the Windows component with the title "System" (the "Properties system » in OS Windows XP).
Click "Advanced Settings system » in the left pane, if you are using Windows 7 or Vista.In this way, they offer a window titled "System Settings ».When working with Windows XP, this step is not needed.
Click "Options" in the section "Startup and Recovery" section at the bottom of the "Advanced" tab.Whatever operating system you use, this tab is open by default in the system settings .
Expand the drop-down list "operating system default boot" in the next window, additional settin
gs.You need to choose a system that will be automatically selected when you start your computer.Then uncheck choice of operating systems, removing the mark next to "Display a list of operating systems."
Save your changes by pressing «OK» button and this procedure cancel selection running when the computer is completed.
There is an alternative method that works in Windows 7 and Vista.To use it, open a dialogue start programs by pressing the key combination WIN + R or select 'Run' from the main menu on the button "Start".
Type msconfig, in the input field that opens dialogue.You can replace the manual input of copying (CTRL + C) and pasting (CTRL + V) the selected text with the mouse commands.To run command entered, press the Enter key or click the button «OK».
Click the "Download" running window "System Configuration ».It posted a list of operating systems that you see in the dialogue selection system when the computer starts.Remove the extra lines, click "OK" and you will complete this operation cancel selection system .