Inspect the laptop case, to set the serial number .Typically, the serial number similar product is indicated on a label affixed to the bottom of its housing to avoid rubbing.Turn over the laptop and find a sticker with the serial number th.If it is not there, do not despair.In some cases it may be within the housing, directly underneath the battery of the notebook.To see the serial number , open the cover and remove the battery from the case.If the label is not there, do not despair.
Check the documentation that was handed to you in the store, along with a laptop.The seller was sure to enter the serial number notebook warranty card.Find hi
m.It usually represents a double or single sheet of A4 or A5.On one side are written the terms of warranty repairs, and on the other the warranty card.If the serial number here and there, is the last option.
downloaded from the Internet and install it on your laptop at AIDA 64 Extreme Edition.Please note that you will certainly need to download the full version of the program.The trial version will not work because it is not designed for determining the serial number well.Once the program is established, restart the computer.
then run the program.Within a few seconds the program automatically collects information on your laptop.Go to the main menu.Select "Computer," and there item "total information".Another window appears.Find the section DMI.
It locate the line "Serial number system ยป.Those letters and numbers that are entered in this line are the serial number th your laptop.Enter them in the form of the manufacturer's website to make a request for additional guarantees.