you need
  • - computer;
  • - Administrator rights.
This procedure is a special settings in the operating system of the computer.Click "Start" and select "Control Panel."Open the "Hardware and Sound" and look for the words "Power".Click the left mouse button.Here are all the settings associated with the power of the computer.Do not forget that the incorrect configuration of any parameter in the PC can harm the entire system, so try to carefully read all of the items.
See which of mode s power installed on your computer.Options mode and can be found by clicking the inscription "Change plan settin
gs".Go to the window.Set the time after which turn off the display and Put the computer to sleep mode .This parameter can be from 1 min.If you want to shutdown did not occur in any case, set to "Never."
At any time you can change the time of your choice.Try to count approximately, after which time the computer should go to sleep mode .Click on the word "Advanced power settings."At the top of the window, you can select a power plan, and in the list below you can select the parameters for each of the devices in the computer.Specify the necessary settings.
In this section, system settings, you can also create your own power plan, set a password to wake up the action when you press the power button, as well as information about the optimal parameter settings of your computer.Now the computer will operate in the mode e, which has been set by you in the system settings.It is also worth noting that the energy-saving mode allows much to save energy.