Reboot the computer.
Press the Delete key or F2 (depending on the version of the BIOS) several times in the first few seconds of loading the appearance of an English text on the black background of the screen of a computer monitor.Information about the used key is always in the bottom of the screen and looks like Press Del to enter BIOS.Pressing must be carried out before loading the operating system.Otherwise, the need to re-restart your computer.
Wait for the BIOS Setup window and select Boot Device Priority.Use the arrow keys to navigate through the menu and press Enter to open the desired section.
Press Enter to enter the selected partition and select the CD-Rom in the 1st Boot Device
by pressing Page Up and Page Down.
Select Hard Disk in the 2nd Boot Device, and then click Exit & amp;Save Changes to save the selected changes.
Go to the Exit menu and press the Y in the confirmation window to complete the BIOS.
Insert the Windows installation disk into the drive and press the Enter key in the installation program.
Press F8 to accept the consent of the license agreement.
Select (or create) a partition to install the operating system in the dialog box.Determine the number and size of the desired disc, based on the computer settings and user needs.
Press Enter and select the desired section using the arrow keys to install Windows on the selected partition.
Confirm your selection by pressing the Enter key and select the NTFS format in a new dialog box, select the format of the formatting of the selected partition.
Wait until the formatting and restarting.
adjust the setting of the system parameters in a familiar graphical user interface Windows, follow the system prompts.