Getting to form with a field to change the name of the network is possible through one of the applets, "Control PanelĀ» Windows 7. To run the panel, open the main menu and select the operating system to its name in the rightcolumn.In the "Network and Internet" panel, click on the link "View network status and tasks", and displays the desired applet.
This applet can run in several other ways.For example, hover over the network connection icon in the lower right corner of the task bar and click the left button.In the pop-up window to launch the applet is necessary link "Center Network and Sharing Center" - for it too left-click.And if you open the "Explorer", this can be done via the context menu of the "Network" - it is called ri
ght-clicking.From the menu, select "Properties", and the right tool, "Control Panel" will be launched.
applet "Center Network and Sharing Center" right-hand side is divided into several sections.The second top is subtitled "View your active networks" and in the left column contains the icon, name, and specify the type of network.To edit the name, click the left mouse button on the icon.The required form will appear in a separate window.
In the "network name" replace the former name of a new one.If necessary, in the same form can be changed and used to display the network icon.To do this, click "Edit" and select from the displayed set the most appropriate icon.If nothing worthwhile was not there, you can click "Browse" and search for pictures in other shared libraries (extension dll), executable files (exe), icon files (ico) or pictures of graphic formats (bmp, gif, jpg, png, etc..).
to complete the operation, click OK, and then close the "Control Panel".