Before you begin reinstalling the system, care must be taken to preserve information.Carefully review the contents of the disc, which will put the system (for these purposes recommended drive C).If there are files that are necessary to you in the future (for example, the folder "My Documents", the mailbox, drawings, movies, and so forth.), Transfer them to other media.It is better if it is a portable hard disk, DVD, USB flash drive sufficient volume.In extreme cases, transfer data to another logical drive (D, E ...), you do not planiruete.Podgotovte format CD or DVD
(depending on the drive the computer) the boot disk, and disks with hardware drivers installed on your computer.Record system information, the name of the computer system, accounts and so forth.
now ready to reinstall the system.To do this, insert the boot disk in the drive.Configure the BIOS so that loading began with the CD-ROM.At the beginning of the download by pressing del / F2 enter the main window, make the desired settings (in paragraph «First Boot Device» value must be «CDROM»).Then, by clicking on the "Save and Exit" or F10, exit the BIOS.The computer will boot from the disc.
Before you - the main installation menu, select the desired item.Now you need to be very careful, becausethe installer will ask you for the location on your hard drive where the system will be put .This section will be prompted to format.You can not hurry, think carefully about the answers, otherwise you can lose all the information on your computer.Unless you decide to start with a clean slate - format all partitions.For faster is recommended to format all the drives in the NTFS.Choosing to install section C, specify its size.It depends on the total size of the hard disk and on the version (as on Windows XP is recommended for at least 10 GB, if more - the better).The remaining disk space can break at its usmotreniyu.Sleduyuschy stage of work - installation directly.Do not touch anything, to intervene only when there is a specific request for the program.At this point, you can enter the network settings, computer name and so on. In that case, if you doubt the correctness of the information requested, please ignore the question, press "Continue".
for no more than half an hour the system is installed on your computer.In new builds boot disk capacity for basic working drivers.That is why almost immediately you'll have a workable system.Install the missing driver, proceed to the recovery of the desired program, facilities.