Tip 1: Where to find the matrix Laptop

Matrix is ​​the main and most expensive component of a liquid crystal screen of the laptop.Being quite fragile element, it can easily be damaged - for example, upon impact.Replacing the matrix is ​​not of great complexity, so it can be done independently.

To repair a failed notebook, you need a new matrix.There are three main options for the search: first of all, try to buy it at one of the workshops.But be prepared for the fact that you will be denied for sale or sell it at a higher price.Workshops unprofitable to sell components, so the wizard will ask you to bring more laptop repair, rather than sell spare part.

second option - to look for the faulty laptop with the same matrix in the market.Sometimes the laptop itself can be severely damaged, but it can still serve as a screen.The disadvantage is the inability to check the serviceability of the matrix in place.Finally, the third option - to try to find a matrix in online stores.This method is most convenient, the purchase will cost you about
the amount of from three to five thousand rubles, depending on the size and type of matrix.But its delivery by mail may take up to a month or more.

Before you start looking for a new array, make sure that the old reality is faulty.If the screen is broken, in which case the question does not arise, the matrix must be changed.But if the screen does not light, the problem may not be in the matrix.Including laptops, you shine a flashlight on the matrix.Look - if you can see a faint image of the screen, the matrix in the order, just missing the backlight.The reason, as a rule, becomes burned chip inverter or combustion of the backlight.

If the problem is the matrix for a replacement, first remove with a screwdriver or awl rubber stoppers on which rests the screen when closed.Under the screw plugs are carefully unscrew them.Now disconnect the halves of the screen lid, for this purpose in the gap between the insert something thin and flat - for example, a knife, credit card, etc.Cover halves are attached to the snap, so their separation may be accompanied by quite a loud bang.

removing the plastic edging of the screen, you will see the screws that hold the screen.Remove them, and then by placing a soft cloth, gently remove the matrix.Disconnect the cables running to it.You can now set a new matrix and assemble everything in reverse order.

Tip 2: Where is the matrix in the laptop

laptop screen is based on the liquid-crystal matrix, which is one of the most important and expensive components of your computer.Knowledge of the basic parameters of the matrix can help both when choosing a laptop, and at its own repair.
Where is the matrix in a laptop

At the heart of all modern liquid crystal displays are open in 1888, biologist Frederick Raynittserom liquid crystals.One of their most important properties is the ability to organize molecules under the influence of electric fields.The rapid development of electronics in the twentieth century led to the first monochrome and then color liquid crystal displays.

main elements of the LCD display is a liquid crystal matrix, the lamp will light, and a cable for connecting the metal frame rigidity.Matrix itself composed of two transparent electrodes between which liquid crystals are located, and the two mutually perpendicular polarization filters.Liquid crystal molecules are initially aligned in one direction, an external electric field changes their orientation, which allows to change transparency of the screen.To control each pixel of the screen individually, addressing used in rows and columns.To ensure the desired brightness is used lights, typically as a light source mounted miniature fluorescent lamps or LEDs.

The notebook matrix is ​​directly under the outer protective layer of the screen.Note that the liquid crystal matrix is ​​one of the most vulnerable elements of the computer, so it should be protected from shocks and other mechanical damage.In case of violation of the integrity of the matrix it is necessary to change.Typically, this operation is carried out in the service centers, but it can be done independently.

To get to the matrix, it is necessary to disassemble the laptop screen, it is first necessary to pry gently with a screwdriver and remove the rubber plug on the screen that rests in the closed position.Below them are the screws, they must be unscrewed.You can then remove the outer plastic frame.It is further mounted latches, so it may be accompanied by the removal of quite a loud bang.

removing the frame, you will see a matrix, hold for a few screws, usually two.They, too, should be unscrewed.Then you can remove it and put it face down on a soft cloth.Pay attention to the cables, they must be carefully disconnected from the connectors.The procedure for disassembly is finished, the matrix is ​​removed.Now it can be replaced with a new and complete the assembly in the reverse order.

When choosing a laptop should ask about the type of display.In particular, the LED lighting matrix is ​​much more reliable than made on the basis of fluorescent lamps.In addition, it is much more economical, allowing the laptop to work much longer battery life.


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