Tip 1: How to get into a computer without the administrator password

usually to enter the operating system without entering a password administrator using a guest account.For some Windows operating systems, you can get full access to the system without having to account hacking.
If you forget the password for the administrator account in the operating system Windows XP, create a new account.To do this, restart your computer , clicking Reset.Improper shutdown is necessary for the appearance of the menu fix problems.
After the opening of this menu, select "Safe Mode Windows».Press the Enter key and select any of the options available run safe mode of the operating system.Wait a while until the menu appears select the account to log on.
Find among other standard accounts account named "Administrator".Likely to log on using this account do not need to enter a password.Log in Windows and wait for loading the desktop.
Press the "Start" menu and select "Control Panel."Go to "User Accounts."After opening a new window, click "Creat
e Account."
Enter a name for the new account and click the "Next" button.In the "Select account type" activate the item "Administrator" and click "Next".Type twice the password for the account.Click "Finish".Now you can restart your computer and log in using the new account.
If you do not want to create a new account, simply turn off the password of the desired user.To do this, click "User Accounts" select "Change Account".Select the desired account.Now press the "Remove password" and confirm this procedure.
Open the "Start" menu and select "Turn Off Computer".Click "Reset".Wait for the Windows operating system as usual.Log on to the OS, using available account.

Tip 2: How to log in to your account without a password

Modern man is constantly in a large information flow, so often forget the most important nuances.These include not only the date of birthdays and anniversaries, and passwords from various services and computer accounts.All this can be easily recovered.The main thing - to know how.
How to log in to your account without a password
you need
  • -Second PC;
  • -Disketa utility and Active @ Password Changer.
password on the account will allow you to keep all your personal information safe.At the same time it is more complicated than the higher level of confidentiality.In this regard, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the user manually generates the most complex password, and then also just might forget it.What to do if the password of the account you can not remember, and write it down somewhere or do not have time?
can simply hack your account, find the required data, and in the future be more cautious.If you are after a few attempts and failed to enter the correct password in the appropriate field, it is necessary to resort to drastic action.For that you need to purchase a floppy disk and to borrow at the time of the personal computer is a friend or colleague.
preload on the second PC application Active @ Password Changer.Run it on your computer and do not change the program settings.Insert the disk into the appropriate slot and click on START.Now, wait for a while.You will appear on the screen - Bootable Disk has been sucessfully created.Then press the CLOSE button and remove the floppy disk.
Then insert the disk into your PC and turn it on.At the beginning of system boot, press F12.You will display the corresponding list, select it in the category Floppy.Wait a while until the screen displays a window with options Utilities Active @ Password Changer.Near phrase Your choice dial number 2 and click Enter.
So start searching passwords, wait for its completion.Then enter the account number to be deleted and press confirm (Y - in the case of agreement, and N to return to the list).After that you will see a message stating that the password is updated.Now restart your computer.Now you can log in to your account without a password.
Helpful Hint
All this can be done with the help of the stick, most importantly, in addition to the program on it was nothing.


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