To open a command line (console), click "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Command Prompt."Open black (default) box, this is the command line.To open the programs in the operating system Windows, just type in the command line program name and press Enter.Optionally even specify the file extension.For example, the command line type notepad, and then Enter - start "Notepad."
If you want to open a third-party program, you must specify the full path to its executable file.For example, if you have installed on your computer file manager Total Commander and the operating system is on drive C, you must enter the command line: "C: \ Program Files \ Total Commander \ Totalcmd.exe" and press Enter.
Note that the path is enclosed in quotation marks.This should be done in the event that there are gaps in the way.In this case, the gaps, ie gaps between words, two - in Program Files and Total Commander.In addition, look at the quotes themselves - they have to be "direct" and not a comma.If you enter the wrong quotation marks, the program will not open.Quotes are injected directly into the Command Prompt window, and do not copy them to the clipboard.Necessary quotes in the English layout, are obtained by pressing Shift + E.
You can run the program from the command line, just go to the directory with the program, in this case, you do not have to enter a path string.For example, you need to run all the same Total Commander.After starting the command prompt, type: cd c: \ Program Files \ Total Commander.Of course, no point in the end.After pressing Enter, you will find yourself in the directory Total Commander.Now enter Totalcmd.exe, start Total Commander.
At the command line, you can not just run the program, but also to close them, for this is the command taskkill.The most convenient way to close the program to its PID-number identifier.Type in the command prompt, tasklist, you will see a list of processes and their IDs.Let's say you need to close the "Notepad".Find notepad.exe process and note its identifier - let it be 3900 (you will be another identifier).Now enter the command line: taskkill / pid 3900 / f and press Enter."Notepad" will be closed.The parameter f determines a team forced termination process.