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  • of Windows.
If computer running the Windows operating system versions of Vista or Seven, the sequence of keystrokes to complete the work can be very short.First, press Win, to open the main menu of the operating system.The same can be done with a combination of keys Ctrl + Esc.Then, press any navigation key with a horizontal arrow - left or right does not matter.In any case, the input focus is moved from the search query entry field to the button "Shut Down."Press Enter, to initiate push the button, and with it the shutdown procedure and computer.
Under certain conditions, you can use for this purpose the key combination Alt + F4.
Usually to shutdown the computer and keyboard resort when a graphical interface is not possible - for example, at the idle screen.If you can visually control the process, first close all windows applications using a combination of Alt + F4 keys and pressing Enter, when these applications will display a dialog asking you to confirm the operation.Once the desktop will be cleared from the open windows, use this shortcut again.The operating system will display a shutdown dialog - and confirm the operation by pressing Enter.
In Windows XP, the sequence described in the first step, it is necessary to amend and supplement some.After opening the main menu by pressing Win press the up arrow to move to the bottom line of the menu.Then use the right arrow button and the Enter key to call off the dialogue and computer.Right buttons it is placed on the second position, so once, click the arrow to the right and imitate left-click by pressing Enter.The program will start to shut down and turn off the computer well.