Tip 1: How to return the taskbar

Taskbar, which appeared for the first time in Windows 95, has become so familiar that most users and do not imagine working in a system without it.Therefore, the sudden disappearance of the taskbar to confound anyone.However, the solution to the problem - how to restore the taskbar to its former habitual depends on the reason why it is so suddenly disappeared.

  1. easiest case - when accidentally or intentionally included auto-hide the taskbar.This possibility is provided in the system and allows you to save space occupied by the panel: The panel automatically folds into a thin strip, and reappears when it moves the mouse.However, given the fact that the taskbar may not necessarily be available at the usual place - at the bottom edge of the screen - find it an inexperienced user can be quite difficult.Return the panel more predictable behavior very easily.If you can find it, you need to right-click on the panel and open its properties.If you can not find - Control Panel - Taskbar and Start Menu.In any c
    ase, in the open window settings should uncheck "Automatically hide the taskbar".This will help restore the taskbar.

  2. dimensions of the taskbar can be changed if it is not in the "fixed" mode.In particular, the taskbar can be folded up in a very narrow band, which is difficult to see on the screen.To return to her former size, just grabbed the edge of the strip and pull the mouse back to the taskbar.

  3. If the taskbar "glued" to the side or to the top edge of the screen, then return it to its original location and easy.Just grab the mouse and drag down.If this does not work - click on the taskbar, right-click and uncheck "Lock the Taskbar", and then again try to drag the mouse.

  4. most complicated case when the taskbar is "hidden" had settled in the virus.In this case, the taskbar will return only after the system clean of malware.To run antivirus use keyboard shortcuts: Win + R shows the command line, you can run any application itself is in itself a key Win allow cause the Start menu.In extreme cases, use a combination of Ctrl + Alt + Del and run Task Manager.It allows not only to complete tasks and processes, but also to launch new.

Tip 2: How to restore the taskbar

Completely remove panel tasks from the desktop impossible.It can automatically hide, it can be covered by other windows or is not in its usual place at the bottom of the screen, for example, at the top.In order that it is always visible, and returned to his seat, follow these steps.
Properties Window "Start" menu and taskbar
Find panel tasks .To do this, take all windows and move the cursor to each edge of the screen, panel problems should appear.
Click the right mouse button and from menu select "Properties".
In the window that opens, check the box in the line "Show panel tasks top of other windows."
Uncheck the line "Auto-hide the panel tasks ».
Click "OK" to save your changes.
Move panel tasks bottom of the screen.To do this, click on the right mouse button and remove the checkmark in the "Fix panel tasks ».
Click free area panel tasks the left mouse button and hold it, drag the panel tasks to the bottom edge of the desktop.Release the mouse button.
Tick "Fasten panel tasks » back.


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