H outbuk Lenovo g500 is characterized in that the processor it can be installed CoreI3 or I5, and at the same clock frequency is equal to 2.4 MHz and 2.6 MHz, respectively.On a manufacturer installed operating system is Windows 8, which involves at Lenovo g500 characteristics of high level.

6 gigabytes of RAM speak for themselves, and the graphics card capacity of 1 gigabyte certainly go a lot of good games, including the new products.

Weighs laptop Lenovo g500 2,5 kilograms.We can not say that's a lot, but considering the fact that now there are computers weighing less than five hundred grams - a lot.Of course, if you ever carry it with you, sooner or later get tired shoulder.However, this is compensated by the weight capacity and five hours of battery life.

All buyers leave positive feedback after purchasing this notebook.On Lenovo g500 price varies depending on th

e year of production and modification, ranging from 9 to 16 thousand rubles.

the positive characteristics of the device include HDMI-input, cooler, no sound at work, the ability to enter into sleep mode closing the lid or press the power button.Also, your attention may be interested preinstalled on the laptop Lenovo g500 program EnergyManagement, allowing full control of the physical part of the computer - "iron", from the temperature of the processor and graphics card, the number of revolutions per minute of the fan and ending with the ability to change the dates of your performance and work priorities.

the minuses, without which you can not do, it is worth noting that for the full use of the keys f1-f12 will be required in addition to clamp down Fn.Furthermore, there may be a problem with installing the driver on the video or sound card.However, with some skills and Internet access, all the problems can be solved within half an hour.

other words, noutbukLenovo g500 fully deserves evaluation users and people who bought the balls of 4.5 out of 5, as battery operation is small + observed two previously mentioned nedostatka.Vprochem as a device for work, study and play with an average oflevel system requirements of this notebook fits completely.