you need
  • Internet access.
main problem source drivers of their relatively old version.In addition, for certain devices must be installed very specific program.When you set up a mobile computer HP's first step, visit the company.
Go to the category of "Support and Drivers."Click on the icon "Drivers and Software".In the search box that appears, type the exact name of the model of the laptop.Better to specify the name, because it is very important to use a driver designed specifically for your mobile PC.
Press Enter, and choose from the list the name of the custom notebook.In the next step the menu window, select the operating system running on the mobile computer.Ask beforehand bit OS.
Click "Next" button.The following will be presented sets of drivers and software, the right search criteria.Expand the category of device for which you want to update the drivers.
Select the program and click the link containing its name.Wait for the opening of a new web-page.Examine the description of the selected program.If you fit the software, click "Download".
Similarly download other applications and files.Now, open the directory containing the downloaded files.Alternately, install the software and drivers that are presented in the form of file-installers.
Restart the computer.Open the "Device Manager".Right-click the equipment that requires the installation of drivers.Click on the item "Update" and select the manual mode.Select the directory where you saved the files to download.
Follow the algorithm for manual driver update other devices.Restart your computer and make sure that the necessary equipment is stable.