When you install Windows user is prompted to enter the name by which he will be working on the system.The account administrator thus remains invisible, it is possible to enter in Safe Mode.But it is possible to enter on behalf of administrator in normal mode, bring up the Windows logon during the boot process.
Open the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "User Accounts" - "Change the way users log on."Uncheck "Use a welcome page" and "Use Fast User Switching."Confirm the change by pressing the "Application Settings".Now when you start the system window will appear Windows NT.
When the Administrator window, enter a name and click OK.If the account password has not been set, you
are logged in as an administrator, that is, with the maximum power.
accounts with limited powers are often used in organizations.If you want to change something the employee has to contact the system administrator that is not always convenient.To do the system does not change, you can try to log in as the administrator through Safe Mode.
Restart the computer.At the time of starting the system periodically, about once per second, press F8.In the window that appears, select the line "Safe Mode".If the account administrator not worth your password, you are logged in as the administrator.Desk in safe mode greatly simplified, but the basic functions of the operating system are saved.This entry is useful if you forget the password of your account: Log on as an administrator, you can easily change it.
If the account administrator password is set, and you do not know, to log into this account just will not succeed, you will need special tools.For example, ERD Commander.Write it on a disk or flash drive and run at system startup.For detailed instructions on how to use the utility is on the Internet.
Some build Windows - eg, XP Zver, during the installation automatically make you an administrator.For security, you can create a regular account, switching between them will be carried out via the menu "Start" - "Log out".When you create a normal user account system can offer you first create an account administrator .Create it, then create a normal entry, and excess post administrator remove.