Before you run DOS-mode on the computer where the operating system is not, think about how to set the machine to separate the real DOS.True MS-DOS is now nowhere to be sold, so you have to take advantage of modern operating systems in this class - PTS-DOS or FreeDOS.This is a very high-quality operating systems with a high degree of compatibility with MS-DOS.True individual programs they can not start or make the wrong, but that is quite small (only a few percent).
If your computer is running Windows 95 or Windows 98, turn off the computer menu select corresponding restart in emulation mode MS-DOS.In the same OS, you can select the appropriate mode before booting, if at this point to hold down F8.
to run in Windows DOS programs while maintaining multi-tasking, press "Sta
rt" and then select the menu item "Run" and then enter the unquoted command (in Windows 95, 98, or Me), orcmd (Windows 2000 and above).Then run the DOS-program from the command line.The Alt and Enter if you want to turn on or turn off the full screen mode.The degree of compatibility of DOS have such a regime is quite low.
operating system Linux, provided that it is running on a processor compatible with the x86, DOS-use software package Dosemu.It is good because it emulates only the operating system itself DOS, but not the computer's processor.This allows you to achieve significant performance even on slow machines.
to quality as the DOS emulation under Linux, as well as on Windows, running on computers with processors of any architecture, use the DOSBOX.She works more slowly and require more memory because the CPU emulates.
even more resource-intensive way to DOS emulation is to use a cross-platform software package Qemu.It emulates a computer with a processor, BIOS, virtual hard disks, and others. Over it can run virtually any operating system.Spawn, put him on the operating system PTS-DOS or FreeDOS.