you need
  • - laptop bag.
Do not eat while working on a laptop.Do not place it near the container filled with liquid.The liquid spilled on the keyboard, or lead to damage your computer immediately, or cause undesired operation after some time.The first thing that needs to be done if the fluid still got on the laptop - turn it to prevent wetting of the motherboard.Included laptop, in addition, you should immediately disconnect from the power supply and remove the battery.
Close the laptop after graduating from working on it.In particular, it is important to observe this rule, if the house there are small children or pets that can get to a laptop computer.Do not leave your laptop on the floor.
First, connect the notebook to the power supply and then switch on the power grid.Reve
rse the procedure may lead to the fact that the laptop will burn out the motherboard.
Do not operate the notebook during a thunderstorm.If you take a laptop to the country or to other areas where it is likely a problem with the power supply, when connected to the mains, use a surge protector.
laptop harm concussions and blows.For transportation, use the special bag.These bags are made from synthetic moisture-proof materials, have rigid walls, layers of foam and straps to secure the laptop inside.

long journey never put a laptop in luggage, carry it as hand luggage.
winter, after the laptop is brought into the room from the street, take the time to include it, wait an hour, and in a particularly cold days - two hours.
Avoid overheating laptop.
Using the car, be careful, do not forget the laptop on the roof.
Do not leave small objects in the notebook.If you close your laptop accidentally forgetting it pencil or pen, the matrix will be hopelessly spoiled.
If you have any problems in the notebook do not attempt to repair it, unless you're an expert at repairing laptops.Contact Service Center.