platform Steam collect useful statistics about the games, which can be seen on the official website the link to the clipboard and paste it into a browser window, in the address bar.Press Enter to start the download site Steam.Find the item "Statistics" in the upper right corner and click on it to go to this section.Statistics To display correctly in your browser, you must have the appropriate speed as low as possible different connection failures.
Basic statistics presented on the page.Note the list of the most popular games on the platform Steam.If you start to play any of these games, you can easily find plenty of allies and accessible online servers.To view the statistics of individual games, pay attention to the area of ​​the page titled Gameplay Stats.Choose your
game and click on the link.For example, the link of the game Half-Life 2 is available for more information about the game: the average time online games, the popularity of cards, the number of deaths and other missions.
to play Team Fortress 2 is to collect statistics on the global achievements of the missions, as well as the Hall of Fame players.If you want to see yourself on the list of achievements, you need to enter the site under your Steam account.Platform Steam offers everything you need to modern gamers.Socializing with friends while playing, automatic updates, discounts and bonuses, the latest statistics about your favorite game, with the data collected by the various players on the Internet.You can always get in the statistics.Also worth noting is that a small server statistics available at the entrance to it.For example, you connect to the official or just a game server in the game Counter Strike steam through a special account.In the right pane available statistics the number of active players and all players who can get to the server.