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Changing the RAM is done by setting the appropriate values ​​in the setup BIOS c followed by saving them.Often the installation mode of RAM by default is stable operation of the system.But in some cases it is required to increase the speed of the system to do this, and setting memory in BIOS Setup.It is quite possible, and usually does not affect the stability of your computer.
To start setting up the memory, first go in BIOS Setup.This is usually done by pressing Delete, for the BIOS from other manufacturers may need to press another key or key combination, for example, F2, or CTRL-ALT-ESC.
All the necessary parameters that control memory mode,
focused menu BIOS Setup, called Advanced Chipset Setup.Go into it to configure RAM.All necessary parameters are listed below.
Auto Configuration - Automatic installation parameters of RAM is recommended if in the course of experiments was entered incorrect setting, but remember what you can not.To make a correction in the setting of RAM (memory), turn off this option.DRAM Read Timing - shows the number of cycles in the course of treatment to the RAM, the smaller it is, the better the performance of the system.CAS Delay - the essence of this option though is different, but the sense in setting a minimum value in order to maximize performance also remains.
When configuring know the measure - too aggressive reduction cycles (latency) and delays can adversely affect the stability of your computer, so it's best to experiment to choose quality memory margin of speed.After the process of memory configuration changes do not forget to save the settings in BIOS Setup.You can then restart the computer.