Use the keyboard shortcut assigned to the switching operation input language installations of your operating system.By default, when you install a Windows often written in setting key combination alt + shift.Other options - a combination of keys ctrl + shift key or "E" (in the English layout - accent ').If you want to change this combination, the appropriate setting looking through the Control Panel.Open it by selecting the appropriate item in the main menu, click on "Regional and Language Options" and on the "Keyboards and Languages", click "Change keyboards".Click on the tab "Switch keyboard", click on "Change keyboard shortcut" and select your preferred option of switching layouts.
Use the appropriate icon in the taskbar notification area (in the "tray") - it shows the current input language combination of letters ru / en.Clicking this icon left mouse button brings up a context menu where you can select one of the installed operating system languages ​​(including English).
This icon does not have to be located in the system tray, you can put it in any convenient place on the screen and she will always be on top of all open windows.To do this, click the icon of the left mouse button, the context menu of the line "Show the Language bar."By default, the panel will be placed in the upper left corner of the screen - the mouse, drag the left edge in the most convenient place.If you need to return the panel to its original location in the system tray - click the "Close" in the upper-right corner.
install a program that is able to automatically detect the input language and independently switch the language from Russian into English and vice versa.This is very handy if you often have to recruit bilingual texts.These programs include, for example, Punto Switcher, Keyboard Ninja, and others.