Tip 1: How do I know that the motherboard burned

any computer equipment could break down.Fortunately, in case of breakage of any component of the PC does not need to buy a new computer.It is enough to find out what went wrong, and replace this equipment.Usually, if any component fails, it can be determined by several criteria.The hardest thing to determine if burn the motherboard, then the computer may not start at all.If your PC does not run all the time or rebooted, we must first check the motherboard.
you need
  • computer motherboard, screwdriver
If the computer does not start, the first step is to eliminate the possibility of damage to other components.This will help determine if the motherboard.
you start your computer.First he works loading data.But when it comes to the launch of the operating system, the screen goes black, and then nothing happens.Hence, faulty hard drive or video card.With the motherboard's all right then.
Open the cover of the system unit.Pull out the motherboard memory modules.Turn on
the computer.I should hand squeak speaker.If there is no sound and the motherboard does not react to the absence of memory modules, then it has failed.
Note the capacitors on the motherboard.If they are a little swollen, so he dresses really burned.Bloating can be caused by capacitors instability of the computer power supply.Faulty capacitors does not mean that the system board must be changed.Replace the capacitors can be at home if they have experience in soldering, or service center.
On some models of motherboards with the failure of the CPU when the computer may occur Warning "Install correct central core".Turn on the computer, if the system starts to boot and in the window appears the inscription, then the motherboard is not burned, and has broken the CPU.In this case it is necessary to replace the processor.
One of the surest ways to check the functioning of the motherboard such.Disconnect on board RAM modules, graphics card, hard drive and all the other devices.Leave only the CPU.Turn on the computer.If, after its launch, you will hear a beep the speaker, then the motherboard is working.In this case, a broken one of the device is disconnected.

Tip 2: How to determine the motherboard

If you have problems helpdesk employees are beginning to ask questions about the models and brands of the motherboard, video card, or hard drive with than the average user may have understandable difficulties.The same questions appear if you want to upgrade iron, replace the processor or increase memory.

necessary to determine the motherboard and before flashing BIOS, as well as a number of other situations.While the computer is working properly, the user usually do not care about the composition and names of components that are inside the computer.Users concerned about the very different questions: where to download the new film, how to achieve the desired shape of the charts in Office documents or to pass complex level in a computer game.

  1. easiest way to determine the motherboard - to see the name of the manufacturer and the particular model came with the motherboard documentation.

  2. If the documentation is not available, it is necessary to determine the model in other ways.One of the simplest - Identification using ID-string.This is the string that appears at the top of the screen at the beginning of system boot.It may look like this: Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG.From these data, we can determine the specific model site http://www.idhw.com/

  3. Another way - to use the so-called "code" bios.This is a set of alphanumeric characters, which is encoded in the type bios, firmware version, and a number of parameters of the motherboard.The meaning of the individual marks by the code can be determined from special tables.

  4. There are software products that define the configuration of the computer and, in particular, given its motherboard.For motherboards with AMI BIOS, you can try using the AMI Motherboard Identification Utility, WinBIOS, EVEREST (a popular and powerful tool to determine the configuration), Advanced Sysinfo Tools and Reporting Assistant (ASTRA), SMBIOSW (allows subtle analysis of the contents BIOS, including not only documentedbut undocumented features), Cpu-Z, HWiNFO.

  5. code model of the motherboard can be found on the motherboard itself.Check the model identified by searching the internet and found the image by comparing the motherboard with its motherboard.


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