laptop is more complex and compact system than a regular computer tower and disassembly must be very careful not to break the unit or make it unfit for use.Analysis of the laptop should start with a careful visual inspection of his.Turn the laptop bottom up.On the bottom you'll see the cover, which will be hidden under the various peripheral modules - RAM, hard drive, Wi-Fi module and others.The first thing you need to remove the battery.Even if you have previously turned off the laptop from the network, many of its components may be energized.Remove all the screws are able to see, at the same time try not to lose sight of the screws hidden under the module cover and the battery.
Now you need to remove all visible device.The hard drive is usually removed by moving to the opposite side of the connector.Some discs may be a special tab to facilitate this task.The next stage of the drive, remove the drive, the screws of its fastening are located on the bottom, but in some cases it may have additional fastening underneath the keyboard, and then with the removal of the drive will have to wait.Disconnect the power supply cables of the CPU cooler and the module Wi-Fi, remove the cooler.The need for periodic cleaning of the cooler dust may occur even if you are working in a clean, ventilated area.You'd be surprised the layer of dust that had accumulated on the fan.If the cooler was your goal, after its cleaning assembly of laptop should be made in the reverse discrimination.
But not always such cleaning work, it is sometimes necessary to clean the heat sink and thermal paste to upgrade the processor die.Remove the screws that secure the heat sink.Usually the radiator is mounted with 4 screws and one of them is hidden under the warranty sticker.If the old thermal paste has dried, you may need a little effort to separate the heat sink from the processor, but remember, caution - your all brute force capable of permanently destroy your computer.This job can be finished to the bottom and turn the notebook to its normal position.All other fastening screws are located under the keyboard, in different laptop keyboard is removed in different ways, but a careful examination of all of them can be found grooves and latch impact on who can remove the keyboard from the laptop.Disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable.If you set out to get to the matrix, you will need to remove the top cover of the notebook.Do not forget to disable this trail matrix.Inspect laptop for hidden screws, remove them.Remove the top cover.The matrix itself is mounted on the housing by means of screws, it becomes possible for dismantling the same access to the inverter.
to remove the display to be removed plug, located on the perimeter of the screen, unscrew existing screws under them and with gentle force to remove the frame from the display.Throwing back the trail, you will be able to smoothly take out the matrix display of the laptop.The degree of depth of disassembling a laptop will depend on your ultimate goals, but remember, you need to know exactly what you parse.If you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to apply to the special repair service specialists are dismantling cope with a much better and faster, and most importantly will not harm your computer because of the lack of necessary experience.