reasons that a computer does not recognize the camera, there may be several.This may be the camera itself and the computer, or rather its port, and as a result, the motherboard.Besides, it is necessary to define what exactly is meant by the word "sees."If the device is defined as a device USB, but it is impossible to view the image, the case in the drivers.Connect any device to USB, go to the "Device Manager" in the section "Universal Serial Bus controllers USBĀ» must be added the memory.If near one of the items have a yellow exclamation mark, it means the drivers are installed correctly and the camera does not display the computer.So better take the disk that came with the device, and reinstall drayvera.Esli camera connected, drivers are installed, and the computer does not see the device, check to see whether it is work
ing the USB-port.Take any other device that can be connected to it and check.For example, a USB flash drive, external hard drive.If the port is working, then you need to check the cable.Take the cord from another device - they are universal and are adapters between the mini-USB to USB and try.If not, then the reason lies in the fotoapparate.Chasche all breakdowns exposed USB-controller - this may be due to incorrect connections and disconnections or for other reasons.In any case, you can temporarily resolve the problem temporarily by using for copying pictures to a computer reader.Try to connect the cable to the other port (on the rear panel of the system unit) .If these actions have helped to connect the camera , but the computer does not see pictures, try the following.Call the context menu on the "My Computer", select "Properties", go to the tab "Hardware" "Device Manager."Scroll down to the camera, click the right mouse button, then select "Properties" and change the "Disabled" to "Enabled."