Russian citizens have the right to import into the country for personal use goods worth up to 10 thousand dollars.However, there are some small details that can both facilitate the importation of goods and greatly complicate them.
If you bring a laptop, you have no problems should arise.But before you go to Russia, to remove it from the packaging and Bring it unpackaged.This will save you from possible problems at the customs point in the road, you do not have to open the box to show that it contains.Just a laptop, for example, in the bag, does not cause any problems.
into account the fact that the importation of packaged laptop, even with the receipt of purchase and documents to him, the customs may require a certificat
e of safety and compliance with the Russian Wi-Fi range.Certificates of you, of course not, so the laptop can hold.With a laptop without packaging you will walk quietly on the "green" corridor.
You can import duty-free two laptops, if one of them will MAK - in this case will be considered that you have different products, not two alike.Total for the month you are entitled to duty-free import of one unit of no more than three items of durable goods.In a year, you can import many different names, but also no more than one unit.
If you went abroad for family, ie husband and wife, each of you can bring on the laptop.No complaints at customs for you in this case would not, even if the exact same device.
Possible and this option: going abroad, take a bad laptop that mark, which you intend to buy.At the same time be sure to include it in the list of exported goods, but without details, such as "Notebook AcerĀ».Recycled notebook and then you throw it away, but instead back vvezete new, while you will be able to bring another laptop legally.