you need
  • - unpacked server Gracia;
  • - configured MySQL and Java
Go to the folder Tools, which is located in the directory with the unpacked the server.Locate the file «database_installer.bat», and edit it (right mouse button - "Change").
In the «set lspass» enter the password that was specified when installing MySQL.In the «set gpass» enter the same password again.Save the file and close it.
Run the application database_installer.bat.Answer the questions of the installer by pressing Enter.After the message «Choose (no default for fresh install):» enter the letter «f», press again Enter.If the installer again asks a question, just press the «y».
Open, which is located in the «config», usi
ng Notepad.Paragraphs «ExternalHostname», «Internal Hostname», «LoginHost» and «GameserverHostname» enter your external IP (if you want someone else was able to connect to the server), or leave the «».In the «Password», enter your password that was entered when installing MySQL.
folder «login» - «config» locate the file, edit the values ​​in which «ExternalHostname», «InternalHostname», «LoginserverHostname» and «Loginhostname» (enter the same IP, whichand if the previous file).In the «Password», enter the password again to MySQL.
The file «/gameserver/config/» change the «GameGuardEnforce» to «False».Then go to the root folder «login» and start RegisterGameServer.bat.Enter the number "1" and press Enter.
folder will be created in a text document «hexid (server1) .txt», want to move to the folder «gameserver / config», then renamed «hexid.txt» (without «server1»).
Start the server using File startGameServer.bat (in the folder «gameserver»).Please login using the file startLoginServer.bat, which is located in the «login».Setup is complete.