you need
  • - fiber optic cable;
  • - network card;
Determine how far away are two computer apart.Acquire the necessary yardage fiber optic cable in a specialty store.With professional crimp the ends of the cable to avoid further loss of quality of communication.Buy network cards.
2 Unscrew the housing side wall processors.At the bottom, insert the network card connectors.Assemble the back.
Download from the site of the network card "fresh" version of the drivers.Install them on your personal computer.Reboot the operating system Windows, that all changes and updates to take effect.
4 Insert the cable into the "nest" network card.If the green light lit up, it means the physical connection is established.
Start the computer with the operating system Windows XP.The left mouse
button click on the icon "My Computer".On the left side of the dialog box click on "Control Panel."Click on the icon "Network Connections."You will see the label "Local Area Connection".Click the right mouse button and go to "Properties".Click the "TCP / IP".In this window, go to the "Properties".Specify the IP-address, as it will be "master" computer.Enter the subnet mask "Save" and exit this menu.
Start the computer running Windows Vista.Click "Start" - "My Computer."Right-click the shortcut, click "My Computer" and select "Properties."Locate the "Name computer , domain name, and workgroup settings."Left-click "change settings".Change the name of the working group on "MSHOME".
Go to "Control Panel" - "Center Network and Sharing Center."Open the properties of the shortcut.Specify the IP-address, subnet mask -, and the default gateway, type and exit.
Go to the command prompt and type: ping you went to the line with the text "Reply from ...", then local network is operating normally.