used to build server only quality components.This applies in particular to the power supply and the motherboard.They should be well-known manufacturers, they should not have any swollen capacitor.Upon detection of such instantly replace them.Trust this operation specialist, because the power supply has a high voltage, and a multi-layer motherboard and, therefore, in order to avoid warping soldering capacitors should be implemented very quickly.Power Supply select with a double margin of power.
Choose server fans that do not vibrate when operating.Vibrations can lead to premature wear of the hard disk.Regularly lubricate the fans.Lubricate the power supply fan and trust specialist.If lubrication does not help to eliminate vibration, immediately change the fan.
Place the server in a quality building, completely eliminating the misalignment of the motherboard, expansion cards and drives.During assembly, do not apply excessive force to the screws.Any mount components using all the fixing holes, not only a part of them.
If you are going to manage the server only through Telnet, keyboard, mouse and monitor, do not install.Bring them only when you need to change the settings BIOS.Pre include the CMOS Setup start function without check keyboard.
Pay particular attention to fire safety.Regularly Stop the server and clean the dust.Clean the power supply and trust specialist.Do not forget to remove dust from the motherboard.Do not allow any twists in the food chain - both primary and secondary.
If necessary, splice the wires only use soldering.All the compounds are well isolated.Never use adhesive tape instead of the tape.Only connect the server to a secure outlet by just as reliable power cord.Next to standalone server install smoke detector.
to the server is not broke, install it reliable operating system, for example, OpenBSD.For the server to be available all over the internet, request a service provider of a static IP-address.Remember, this is - a relatively expensive service.Often even paid hosting on another server in the data center are cheaper.