you need
  • - computer with the Windows 7 operating system
  • - stored on a computer image
Click "Start", located in the lower leftof the screen and looks like a small circle with the logo Windows.In the list that appears, select "Control Panel."
In the window that opens, click on the label "Design".Then go to "Screen".In the left column of the page that appears, click "Change desktop background".
To change the desktop background to one of the finished versions of Windows 7, click the arrow button, which is located to the right of the inscription "Image Location."In the list that appears, select "Desktop Backgrounds Windows».
in a rectangular box, which is located in the center of the Control Panel window, select the appropriate image.To view all the options for backgrounds use the scroll bar, which is located on
the right side of the field.
Then select the preferred location of the background image.To do this, click on the arrow button, which is located at the bottom left of the screen under the label "Positioning the image".Click "Save Changes."
If you want to put as wallpaper saved image, click on the button "Browse" and select the folder containing the desired image.Then, thumbnail images among which have appeared in the center field, select the desired file.
Indicate the desired location of the background by clicking on the button under the inscription "Positioning the image".Click "Save Changes."
To set as wallpaper a solid color, select the list of options for the location of the image point "solid color".Then click on the appropriate color in the central field and click "Save Changes."
If among the options fills one color is not desired shade, then click on the word "More", which is located at the bottom left of the window panel.Then in the palette that appears, select the appropriate color and click OK.