you need
  • - computer;
  • - game server.
Navigate to the folder containing the server Counter Strike, which is file file hlds.exe.Here Create a blank text file.Follow save the file, write in the name start.bat.Make a batch file to start the server with it.
Enter the text file line Start / high (to start the server with the highest priority) hlds.exe below the name of the game game cstrike and port number port 27015. Then, list the name of the card, for example, map de_dust2_2x2_hama, thenEnter password: rcon_password 32167.
Install if necessary the maximum number of players on the server: maxplayers 6. Next, use the command "File" - "Save as", the file name should be Start, and the extension * .bat.Create a batch file for the s
erver is completed.Now you can add a shortcut to the file in the startup, the server to run automatically turning on the computer.
Make file * .bat to run the game server "Stalker".Navigate to the folder with a game, look for the folder Bin.On the dedicated file, right-click, select "Open With" - "Notepad".At the beginning of the file, add Load, at the end of Goto load, to enable the Autoreset server if it will fly or hang.
Enter the name of the card, which will be running the server.To do this, locate or add the line Start server (enter the name of the card).After the title and add a version of the map mode.To do this, enter / dm (mode name) / ver = (version number).You can use these modes: dm - to play all against all;tdm - command mode against a team;hunting for the artifact list the mode ah.
Line Public change the view of the server 1 - This is an Internet server, and 0 - local.In line battleye = Enter a value of 1 to enable standard anti-cheat system.To set the maximum number of players enter the desired value in the line maxplayers =.
You can also set the playing time from which will start the game when you start to write it in this line estime =, for example, 9:00.Save the file.