to use these gadgets, you need to have an idea about the product and have the basic skills to use.Buying the phone, a camera or a computer, we often are based on the advice of friends, advertising or the consultant's recommendations.And you should pay attention to if we want to buy a gaming laptop?

Laptop Lenovo Idea Pad Z510 is perfect for those people who prefer to spend their time entertaining video game.Lenovo has provided a laptop of this series as a model with great multimedia features.Although it is believed that this Lenovo laptop is more to the image model, it is equipped with a fairly good graphics card, the video processor has a fourth-generation Intel HD, six gigabytes of RAM.

sized notebook Lenovo Idea Pad Z510 is small, the screen is only 15 inches.Weight - no more than two kilog


Screen resolution - 1920 × 1080.The video card NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M has powerful features, and you it will be enough to play any games.Dual core processor with a frequency of 2.5 GHz.Volume accumulator - from 500 to 1000 GB.

If you are planning to buy a laptop Lenovo Idea Pad Z510 is not for gaming, then you will have to overpay a certain amount of money for features that you do not need.But if you are fond of Photoshop and video games, here you will not regret it.

Noise emitted by the laptop is quite acceptable.When you work you will not interfere with or distract.It is necessary to pay attention to the battery.Long exposure laptop Lenovo Idea Pad Z510 boast of can not, without connecting to a power source will last no more than two hours.The sound is pretty high quality.

Design Laptop Lenovo Idea Pad Z510 normal.Nothing extraordinary and outstanding.Matt surface, and pleasant to the touch.For people working with laptop at night, a pleasant bonus - a backlit keyboard.

To all the advantages of this model of laptop is the fact that he is from a budget model and to buy it will not be sky-high dream.Buying a laptop Lenovo Idea Pad Z510, you will not be disappointed with the purchase.