Tip 1: How to increase the font on the screen

Point Size on monitor , in other words, the size of the font , can be increased if you have poor eyesight, and you have to sit in front of the monitor screen is too close, or peer into the lettering.To my eyes do not get tired, you need to increase the size of the font .
Increase font size on the screen in this way it is possible in versions of Windows, from releases after 2005: Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7. So, to increase the size system font , you need to configure its "interest" in the personalization of Windows.To do this, right-click on the desktop and then click the last item "Personalization".In the window that appears, click on "Screen" in the left column.Opens "Convenience screen reader."Set the indicator "Average - 125%", and then click "Apply" .Before you will see a warning window.In it will be reported that the options for the entry into force of the need to exit the system.To do this, click "Exit Now" and reconnect with Windows under your
account.The system font will be increased by 1/4.
left column, opposite the percentage of font size , you may also notice the link "Other size font (dots per inch)."Click this link to adjust the percentage of a size from 100% to 200% in 1% increments.
Applying the method of changing percentage point size font , you increase only the font, but not the elements of Windows.To change the size of all the elements - the fonts, labels, panels, etc., you need to change the screen resolution.To do this, right there in the settings "Display", click on "Settings screen" .You navigate to the "Screen Resolution".You will see a drop-down list with a slider, moving that you will change the screen resolution.The resolution marked the word "recommended" - the maximum.With his choice of fonts and all the elements of Windows will maximize small.The lowest resolution is usually 800x600, increases the size of the virtual pixel, and consequently the size of the font on the screen.

Tip 2: How to increase the font size

text document or message on the site is perceived by the reader and is remembered much better if the most important points in it are decorated differently than the main text.The means of such isolation can serve as a change of font , color or size .
How to increase the font size
you need
  • computer with an Internet connection.
a text editor, select a phrase or a paragraph using holding the left mouse button or the arrow keys and the "Shift".Press the "Properties" button on the keypad or the right mouse button.From the menu, click the group "Font", and in a new window in the column "Size", enter the number (font size pixels).
also in a text file size can be increased by using the tools in the upper panel.Next to the name of the font a field with numbers.Click on it and enter its value.
Via website or blog that supports HTML-escaped, enable viewing HTML.Enter a message, click the cursor at the beginning of the allocated phrase or a paragraph.Put the tag: & lt;f o n t s i z e = "+ 1" & gt;- And go to the end of the message released.It put the tag: & lt;/ F o n t & gt ;.
to enter HTML-Tag website or blog must maintain the proper encoding.While reading the message should be HTML, rather than "visual editor".When you insert a tag
remove spaces between characters (but not between the words).
  • how to increase the font with a laptop


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