you are looking for a file name that does not accurately remember, but you know the extension.In this case, it should be noted that the list of search results will contain all the files with the desired resolution, and already among them you will have to find the file you want.
easiest way to take advantage of the built-in search engine by Windows.Open the "Start" - "Search".In the window that opens, type in the field "part of the file name of the file or the entire" desired extension - for example, .exe.If you know which disk and which folder the file, select the directory in the field "Search".This will reduce the number of files found and would facilitate the subsequent search.
Click "Find" to start the search.The found files will be displaye
d in the search box, will be listed next to the road to it.To open a file found, right-click the mouse and select the "Open the folder containing the object."
To find a file, you can use the program Total Commander.Run the program, select the drive.Open the menu "Tools" - "Search for Files".In the opened window, select the tab "Search patterns".If you are looking for exe-file, select "Executable files" and then click "Upload."List Extensions executable files will be loaded into the search box.You can edit it by removing unnecessary expansion.Alternatively, you can just enter the search string: * .exe and click "Start Search".
sometimes possible that the file has to look through the console.To display all files with a certain extension in the current directory, use the command dir * .exe - in this example displays all files with the extension * .exe.To search was conducted in the subdirectories, use the / S.For example, to search for files with the extension * .exe on the C drive and its subdirectories to the command line, enter the following command: DIR C: *. Exe / S and press Enter.