The easiest way - to ask for technical support to help you with the move.Many companies provide this service and, moreover, can give some discount if you go to them from the competition.In this case, you need to give your username and password from the old hosting, as well as the necessary data regarding the database.
Change the DNS Server.He shows visitors on what is your name to an IP resource.Therefore, it changes a priority for DNS.To do this you need to go to a new site hosting, find out the address of your DNS server, and then go to control panel domain registrar and change the data.As a rule, you must specify two DNS servers.In some cases, hosting resets the data to the mail, some - points directly at connection tariff.
Next you need to transfer files to the site.The best way to archive them in advance (if it allows the web hosting control panel), and then download.To download required FTP-client (eg, FileZilla or FAR).In some cases, the function of the client's browser can do (it all depends on the hosting control panel).Do not interrupt the download operation, as the absence of even a small file can significantly affect the operation of the resource.
then need to download the database.If your working life without her support, you can skip this step.Go to the control panel hosting and import old database.If you have a hosting package installed phpMyAdmin, then you can considerably simplify your work in advance archived database.The fact that many databases weigh quite a lot, and the archive allows you to compress its size tenfold.
Go to the Control Panel and find a new hosting data for FTP-protocol.If there is a "File Manager", select it.Upload files to your website (do not forget to decompress, if necessary).Then log on to your database and do the export.Some of the system decompresses the database yourself.If this feature is not available, you'll have to do it yourself.
After some time, DNS-server will attribute to your domain and the site will be available.Check that it works whether all pages open, you are not moved out design for correct functioning of the administration panel.In case of any problems, check the files.Perhaps something is not copied to the end or in error.