reasons for which the user may need to close program from the command line , can be very different.For example, the need to close a frozen program , which can not be stopped by other means, or there is a need to "kill" a suspicious process revealed when checking the computer.Besides, this way you can close program on the remote computer.
consider the closure of the program from the command line the example text editor Notepad.Open it: "Start» - & gt;"All Programs» - & gt;«Standard» - & gt;"Notepad."Now, open a command prompt: "Start» - & gt;"All Programs» - & gt;«Standard» - & gt;"Command line".It can also be opened by selecting "Start» - & gt;"Run" and then typing in the box that appears cmd, and press Enter.
Command Prompt open.Now we have to find a list of processes - for example, type tasklist and press Enter.A list of all processes running on the system.Find the line notepad.exe - this is the process we open the text editor.Notice the column of numbers, immediately following the name of the process - is PID, process ID.
very process can be completed in two ways.The first - using the name (name of the image) of the process.To close the "Notepad", enter the command line: taskkill / f / im notepad.exe.Here, the f - completion of the forced choice.The im talking about what is the name of the process image.Press Enter - the text editor will be closed immediately.
second, easier way connected with the process ID.For example, notepad.exe process PID is 4024 (you have it, most likely, will be different).To close the program, type the command line: taskkill / pid 4024, press Enter.Process of 4024, corresponding to a text editor, will be "killed", "Notepad" closes.Similarly, you can complete most of the processes, eliminating critical system - their complete operating system will not allow.