Navigate to the folder where the files you want to transfer.If it is placed on the desktop, then simply double-click on the icon, and if not, then do the same thing with the label "My Computer" and the folder tree in the window Run File Manager, navigate to the desired directory.
Select all the files in the folder.To do this, click on any of them, and then press the key combination Ctrl + A (in Latin letters).This can be done by expanding the drop down list "Sort" on the folder list and select it the line "Select All."
If you want to put into another folder duplicate files, leaving the contents of t
he original folder name in the same place, then copy all selected - press the key combination Ctrl + C. If you want to move all the objects, leaving blank the source directory,use the cutting operation - press the key combination Ctrl + X. Both of these commands can be selected in the context menu called up by right-clicking on the selected area in the Explorer.
Go to the directory where you want to put all the cut or copied.Click the field in the right pane of Windows Explorer, and then the combination of Ctrl + V - the combination of keys corresponds to the insert.Can the same be done with the help of the corresponding line in the context menu.This completes the transfer of files from one folder to another is completed.
Instead, a combination of cut and paste operations, you can use drag and drop mechanism - simply move the pre-selected files with the left mouse button on the icon of the desired folder.If the source and destination folder is located too far from each other in the directory hierarchy, you can open each of them in a separate window, and use any of the above mechanisms (drag and drop or copy and paste).