Tip 1: How to restore the system fonts

Many users of Windows operating systems know that print jobs can vary with different fonts, different from the standard.They can be added using the applet « Fonts ».Sometimes you need to restore the original font package.
you need
  • - the distribution of the operating system;
  • - system program "Command Prompt."
Restore fonts in several ways and each of them is true.For example, if you recently worked with a personal computer and you have a friend who is the same version of the system, you can refer to it.He can copy the contents of a folder of fonts in any medium.
all fonts from the system and finishing amateur, can be found in the folder C: WINDOWSFonts.If you are installing the system path to the system folder changed, for example, instead of the Windows directory you have WinXP and so, therefore, it is necessary to look for the Fonts folder in the appropriate directory.
Copy all the fonts that you brought a friend by pressing the key combination Ctrl + A and Ct
rl + C. Go to the folder with system fonts, press the key combination Ctrl + V, to emerging questions about replacing the file,respond positively.Also, distribution of fonts can be downloaded from some Internet resources, if you know a good set of your operating system.
This is not the only way and you can do everything much faster if you have the distribution of the operating system from which you are installing.Before using it, you must restart the computer and log into the system via safe mode.When you start your computer, press F8, the pop-up menu, select "Safe Mode."
Windows Explorer, locate the folder with fonts, select them and delete by pressing the Delete button, or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Delete.Now you can begin to restore a standard set of fonts.
Open the tray CD / DVD-drive and insert the disk with the operating system Windows.
Press the key combination Win + R ("Start" menu command "Run") and type Cmd.In the opened command prompt, copy and paste the following line expand -r E: i386 * .tt_% SystemRoot% Fonts.Then press Enter.It is worth noting that in the letter E letter is received CD / DVD-drive.
If you remove all fonts from the appropriate folders do not forget that Decktop.ini system file can not be deleted.If this should happen, open a text editor and a new document, copy the following line:
UICLSID = {BD84B380-8CA2-1069-AB1D-08000948F534}
Then click combinationPress Ctrl + S, in the File Name box, type Decktop.ini, select the Fonts folder as the folder in which the file will be saved.

Tip 2: How to restore the default fonts

When working with text editors in the operating system failure may occur.In these cases no longer displayed correctly Cyrillic fonts .The reason for this failure could be a computer virus infection, improper handling of the computer, etc.There are several ways to get rid of the flaws in the operating system.
How to restore the default fonts
you need
  • Restore default font of the operating system Windows XP.
certain categories of users, who have little knowledge of the device operating system Windows XP, when a problem is thinking only about the total system reinstall.Of course, this output, but the new setting will take away from this user much more time than if he took advantage of the following tips.
How can you determine that you are faced with this problem?In a text editor, for example, MS Word, any attempt to print a Cyrillic text ends in failure (instead of Russian characters appear signs unknown to you).The easiest and most efficient way - is to copy the font files from a friend or a friend who does not have this problem.All fonts are located in the C: WindowsFonts.But this method is not ideal for many reasons.
You can also use the method of restoring the system files using a standard utility SFC.For a start it is necessary to press "Start" menu, select "Run" in the dialog box, enter the command «sfc.exe / scannow» without the quotes.After pressing the "OK" button will check system files in case of violation of the integrity of at least one of all the files to be scanned, you will be prompted to restore corrupted or missing files.
It is worth noting that some of the files needed for recovery may be on removable media from which you are installing the operating system.If you want to run the utility to verify the integrity of system files every time you boot the operating system, run the applet "Run Command" key instead scanboot scannow.For a one-time test system when it is loaded, specify the command instead scanonce scanboot.
Helpful Hint
In some cases it is better to seek professional help if the listed ways to solve this problem, you have not helped.
  • how to restore the default fonts


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