you need
  • Windows 7 or Vista.
deleted in the usual way (by pressing Delete or by selecting the "Delete") labels fall into the intermediate storage of deleted files - in a "basket".Return them out easy, start this procedure with a double-click the left mouse button on the icon "Basket" on the desktop.This action will open the "Explorer" to list the contents of the basket.Locate the desired label and return to its original location with the help of the item "Restore" in the context menu, called by click on the object, right-click.
If desired labels have been removed permanently, for example, by pressing the D
elete key in combination with the Shift, bring them out of the basket will not succeed.In this way, the objects are removed, bypassing the recycle bin, so you are left with two options of recovery - "roll back" the system to the point where the labels were still in the right place, or to create them again.If you decide to use the first option, open the main menu, enter "Sun" and press Enter.So you start the system application with which you need to select one of the stored system restore points (they are sorted by date), and the rest of the program will do.
If you choose the second option - re-create the shortcuts - the main menu or by using the "Explorer" the desired program or data files and drag them with the mouse on the desktop.This small menu will appear, in which you select the item "Create Shortcut."
Labels operating system components - "Shopping," "Computer," "Control Panel" and others. - Removed in another way, so the other must be a way to restore them.These icons are not sent to the Recycle Bin, the OS just off their display on your desktop by changing the appropriate settings.To return to these shortcuts, you must manually change the settings.To do this, open the main menu, for example, by pressing Win, enter the letters "OTO" and press Enter.A window will appear with the headline "The parameters of desktop icons" and a set of check boxes, each of which is responsible for displaying one of the shortcuts.Check the box next to the components of the operating system, the labels that you want to return.Then click OK.