Open the main menu of the operating system by pressing the Win or by clicking "Start" button.Go to "All Programs" and select "Standard."Then expand the menu section "System Tools," in which the link and find the desired "Table characters ┬╗ - click on it and the application will run.
the main menu of Windows 7, you can not look for the link yourself, and trust embedded search engine.Press Win and immediately start entering the name of the desired component of the operating system.You have time to dial only the "tab" when the search engine will display the results in the first line link "Table characters ┬╗ - click on it with the mouse to launch the appl
in any version of Windows, you can use a table to display the characters standard dialog to run programs.In earlier versions of the system (for example, in Windows XP) reference to such a dialogue is placed in the main menu - a team of "Run".In Windows 7, by default, this command is not displayed, but the dialogue can be called, for example, by pressing a combination of keys Win and R. In the startup dialog, type charmap and click click OK.Table characters appear on the screen.
You can choose to do the work of dialogue running programs - find charmap.exe executable file and double-click it with the mouse.Do this using the "Explorer┬╗ Windows.Open it, for example, using a keyboard shortcut Win + E. In the file manager select the system disk, and in it - the directory in which you installed the operating system.In this directory, locate the folder System32.It is located and the file charmap.exe - look for it and run table characters .In Windows 7, with its advanced search engine, you can reduce the number of operations - simply navigate to the system disk, and then enter in the field at the top right corner of the application window file name."Explorer" will find himself the object you need, though it may take several tens of seconds.