Tip 1: How to check the sound card

Returning home, including computers, one day you might find that the speakers have not heard the sound of a favorite song.To find the reason for the lack of sound, you need to check your sound card on the performance.This check includes not only testing the sound card, and speakers, as well as all the connecting wires.To learn how to do all this, read on.
you need
  • Checking the system settings of the sound card, check the connection of connecting wires.
First of all, pay attention to the connection of the wires.Such compounds may be more, depending on the audio equipment.The main wire that carries the audio signal - a wire from the sound card to the speaker.It may also be faulty connecting wires themselves columns.The main signal is one column to the (main), and the signal from the main column is the second column.To check the reliability of the wiring, connect the columns of any device that produces the sound.For example, mp3-player or cell phone.In the player the same connector
as that of the sound card.The presence of sound while listening to the player says about the health columns.
To verify that the sound card, it is necessary after the operating system to run the applet "Properties: Sounds and Audio Devices."Click "Start" menu, select "Control Panel."In the next window, click "Sounds and Audio Devices."This applet uncheck "Mute", if it is there, as well as increase the volume of the mixer to a maximum of (Drag the pointer to the far right).
operability sound card, you can start by setting properties of the board.Click "Start" menu, select "Control Panel."In the window that opens, select the name of your sound card to board Realtek he called «Realtek HD Audio Configuration."In the window that opens, select the tab on which it is possible to listen to the test signal.Alternately, the sound will be played from the left column, and then in the right column.In the absence of a sound should think about the repair or change of the sound card.

Tip 2: How to define the soundcard

model sound card need to know to install the driver.It can be either integrated into the motherboard as well as a separate device.See what your sound card in any Windows operating system can be in the Device Manager.
How to identify a sound card
Click on the "Start" button in the lower left corner of the screen.
Right-click on the icon "My Computer" in the popup menu, select "Properties".On the display the "system."
left, in the sidebar, click on the line "Device Manager."Windows will ask for permission to open, click "OK".If you have installed an administrator password, enter it.
you will see a console with a list of all the equipment installed on the computer.
Locate "Sound, video and game controllers" and click the "+" in front of him.Before you unfold a list of sound card installed on your computer.

string with the name of the sound card looks like this: «Realtek High Defenition Audio».

To see the details of it, right-click on its name and select "Properties".
Helpful Hint
for easy viewing of information about the computer hardware you can install special software, such as Everest.
  • like to know your sound card


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