you need
  • - Disk with Windows Seven or Vista;
  • - USB-drive.
Unfortunately, users are not always given the opportunity to install additional applications on your computer.Another disadvantage of special tools for creating multi-boot flash drives - incompatibility with certain anti-virus programs.In such cases, use the command line Windows Vista or Seven to create the installation stick.
Connect a USB flash drive to your PC or laptop .Copy the important information to USB-drive to other media.Open the "Run" by simultaneously pressing buttons "Start" and R. The Complete line appears cmd, and press the key combination Ctrl, Shift, and Enter.This allows you to run the command console as administrator.
Type Diskpart command and press Enter.Now write List disk and again press Enter.De
termine the disk number assigned to the correct USB-drives.In this example, it will be Disk 3.
Type Select Disk 3 and press Enter.Now consistently vvdete following commands, separated by pressing Enter: Clean;Sreate Partition Primary; Select Partition 1; Active; Format FS = NTFS; Assign; Exit.
Now type E: and press Enter.In this case, E - letter DVD-drive in which the installation disk Windows.Navigate to the directory that contains the boot sector.To do this, type cd Boot.Record necessary files to the USB-drive.For this type bootsect.exe / nt60 F :.In this example, F - USB-drive letter.
Wait for the necessary operations.Now, open the menu, Explorer or other file manager.Copy all the files and folders from the installation disk to the root of USB-drive.Safely remove the USB drive.
Connect the device to USB-port of the mobile computer.Turn on the computer, open the BIOS.Select the priority for booting from USB-HDD.Restart the computer and complete the installation of the operating system.