administrator rights to install correctly, you must install Windows is required to assign an administrator password.Of course, you can leave the password field blank, which many do.It is understood that assuming only independent work, many do not bother to set a password, but in vain.The fact that Windows when you log in by using an account that does not contain a password, limit the opportunities for work.In general, for security purposes provided that a user with administrator rights but without password, is not able to enter the network environment on a local network.So do not neglect this useful feature, especially owners of laptops.It is better to ta

ke care of the connectivity to the network.

If the operating system is already installed, you can use the tab "Properties" C drive to install administrator rights on their own.To do this, you must call by a mouse click on the icon for drive C dialog box, and choose "Properties."In the window you want to activate the tab "Security".At the top of the list of users of the computer.To add a new entry, press the bottom of the window on the "Edit" if your computer is running Windows 7 or "Add" if Windows XP.In the new window, select the mouse entry "Administrators."In the bottom window, see "Permissions for the group" Administrators "," place a checkmark in all of the available options in the column "Allow".Then press the "Apply" and "OK."The tab is closed.

same procedure confirm the decision should be confirmed on the first tab "Security".Once completed, the account "Administrator" will have access to all the functions on your computer - install and remove programs, clean and modify files in the system registry, assign accounts and block opportunities for existing users.