Tip 1: How to format the hard drive and install Windows

Before installing a new operating system on the computer, you must be sure to clear a specific partition.This would eliminate the possibility of the imposition of system files and prevent errors during installation of the operating system.
you need
  • - Installation CD Windows.
The setup program of Windows operating systems include a function to format the hard disk.Insert the disk that contains the installation file system into the drive and turn on the computer.Hold down the F8.After displaying the menu, containing a list of the equipment, from which can be continued loading, select DVD-ROM drive.Then press Enter.
After a while, press arbitrary key to start the process of preparing the computer for installation of the operating system.When using the Windows installation disc XR must be stepped up menu window appears with the choice of the partition to install the OS.
Select a local drive and press Enter.In the menu, select option "Format in NTFS┬╗ and press F to c
onfirm the start of the process.Installing the Windows XP operating system will start automatically after the cleaning section.
When the disk Windows 7 and Vista wait for the menu that contains the list of existing partitions.Click the "Disk Configuration", select the partition on which you want to install a new system, and click "Format".Click on "Yes" button in the window with a warning.
Now once again highlight the desired profile and click "Install" to start the process.In this case, you can select any other local drive.Remember that for the successful installation of Windows Seven you need 15 GB of free space on the selected partition.If you plan to install large programs, it is best to select a local drive that is larger than 40 GB.
If you need to keep certain files before formatting the hard drive, connect the device to a different computer.Back up important data on the partition on which you will install the new OS.

Tip 2: How to clean your hard drive

Hard Drive - a "mirror of the soul" of the user.Files in all sluts are scattered haphazardly, "kettles" does not represent, what and where they located.And only experienced people are all laid out on shelves.The only factor that unites all users, each user is stored on the disk a certain amount of "junk file."These are the files that are created when using the computer itself.Without the right controls, they take up most of the space.To prevent this from happening, performed the following steps.
How to Clean a Hard Drive
delete backups, files with the extension bak, old.Upon completion of the work with Microsoft Word, delete the files with the extension wbk, but before the files are not troygayte they need for automatic document recovery in case of improper shutdown.
also removes temporary files, which are stored at C: / Windows / TEMP.Typically, the files in the TEMP folder can be removed safely - except for those times when you just install the program.If so, restart your computer, and only then Clean the house.
Once a month, empty the cache's Internet Explorer temporary files.After cleaning the disc, and do not forget to empty the Recycle Bin.The standard basket kept only those files that you delete the "manual".Click on its icon on the desktop, right-click and choose Empty Recycle Bin.
But it is better use the standard "cleaner" from delivery Windows (Disk Cleanup).Right-click, select Properties from the context menu.Before you open the properties of your hard drive, click Disk Cleanup.Then the cleaning program will assess the amount of space that can be released.Then to continue the Disk Cleanup tool, click OK.
Helpful Hint
Similar programs can be found in a set of utilities - for example, System Mechanic.


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