Start by renaming the original file hosts, placed in the folder etc, embedded in the folder drivers, which in turn is inside the system32 folder of the system catalog Windows.Editing the original file that is associated with difficulties, the elimination of which are not worth the effort, as there is a simpler way to solve the problem.Rename the original, for example, in hosts.bak.
Create a new file hosts.To do this, right-click free space in that folder, open the popup context menu in the section "New
" and select "Text Document".Explorer creates a new file with a default name that you should replace with hosts.Press Enter, and then click "Yes", code explorer asks you to confirm that the file should be no extension txt.
Open the file created in any text editor (such as Notepad) and fill it with the desired content.If it is necessary - you can open an old file in a text editor, copy the contents, insert a new file and edit it.
Save the edited file and close the text editor.
If the purpose of making changes to the hosts file is to restore its original state (for example, to eliminate the effects of a virus attack), you can use a special utility.It is published by Microsoft, is available for free download on the server manufacturer of Windows and is called Microsoft Fix it 50267. After running the utility automatically detects the version of the operating system, and then performs the necessary manipulations with the file hosts, restoring used in that version of the contentfile.Download utility can be a direct link .