Tip 1: How to carry Ubuntu

often setting the second on top of Windows operating system Ubuntu, a user comes to the conclusion that the second should be deleted because it is usually to perform all the usual actions on the computer enough of the operating system Windows, and Ubuntu requires the user too many options.
If you want to remove Ubuntu, format the hard disk on which the system is located.To do this, boot your computer with the drive in the BIOS, or simply when you turn on by pressing Esc.
menu Windows installation accept the license agreement, click "Next" button, select to install a partition that contains the operating system Ubuntu, format it (better to do it in the mode of file system NTFS).
Then follow the menu instructions to complete the installation Windows, type all required to continue the parameters, select the time zone and create a system user.
If you need to remove the Ubuntu operating system without formatting the hard disk on which it is to preserve Windows XP,
perform the recovery operation until the installation of Linux.
Boot from the installation disk Windows.When the installation menu appears, press R. You will see a recovery console appeared - it will show you the selected operating system that you want to return to the state in which it was before the installation of Ubuntu.
Enter the administrator password if it has been installed.Please note that if it consists of Cyrillic letters, it is best to pre-change to another containing the badges of the Latin alphabet and numbers.
Enter appeared window command fixboot, fixmbr.After completing their turn, reboot - Ubuntu should then be completely removed.
If you have a pre-installed operating system Windows Vista, boot the computer with the downloaded disk.Select your language operating system and click "Continue."
Select "System Restore."Once the system finds your installed copy of Windows, click "Next".You have a window appears, "System Recovery Options" - select it in the item "Command Prompt."
Enter a command string bootrec / fixboot bootrec / fixmbr, executing them one by one, to complete the restore of the system and turn on the computer.

Tip 2: How to remove Linux

Almost every home has a computer, but not all owners use by Windows.Some give their preference to Linux.You may want to use in the process of replacing the operating system.Then we have to remove Linux.It is not so difficult, but it should comply with an algorithm this operation.
How to remove Linux
you need
  • PC
To do this, start the computer from the installation disk Mandriva Linux.Locate the "System Restore."A menu appears in which to select the "Restore boot Windows».Press the «Enter».While in the recovery mode, select the tab "Go to the console» (Go to console) .Vypolnite command "fdisk / dev / sda".Use the command "p".This will display information about the partitions.All delete unwanted sections using the "d".C command lets you create a single partition.All changes are recorded using the "w".
can carry out another way.Linux operating system is generally installed in section 83. Sections type can remove using Fdisk.It is part of Linux.Remove Linux partitions used native, swap, and boot partition.Start your computer from a floppy disk software Linux.Enter the command line fdisk.Press «Enter».To get information about partitions, type in the command line "p".Press «Enter».At the beginning contains information on the first section of the first hard disk, and then on the second partition of the first hard disk.Enter the command line "d".Press «Enter».A window appears in which specify the number of the partition to remove.
To delete a partition 1, enter 1. Press the «Enter».Repeat this step to remove the remaining sections.To record the data in the partition table, type "w", press «Enter».When you write data to the partition table may receive an error message.In this case, they are not important, because the next step is to reboot the computer and then install the new operating system.To quit Fdisk, enter the command line "q" and press «Enter».Insert a bootable floppy disk or CD-ROM of Windows and to restart your computer, press the key combination "Ctrl + Alt + Delete".Install the operating system Windows.
It is best to keep a copy of all versions needed for files on removable media.


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