Ports required programs for the network, the operating system is usually selected automatically.In many cases, the default port, typical for certain applications.The program thus entered in the firewall list of trusted applications, no adjustment is required.
the firewall needed to a particular port occurs infrequently - for example, when setting up a network game.It sometimes happens that even after entering the game in the list of trusted applications from the server communication is not, therefore, the ports through which data is exchanged, it is necessary to open manually.
If you are a regular firewall Windows, open the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Firewall Windows».In the window, select the Firewall "Exceptions" tab and click "Add Port."A new window opens, in it enter the
port number and specify the protocol used, it is usually TCP.The name can specify any port - for example, "Game."Click OK.
You can open and close the Windows Firewall ports are full-time on the command line (this method works on a remote computer).Let's say you need to open port 3344. Open a command prompt: "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Command Prompt", type netsh firewall add portopening TCP 3344 system and press Enter.The message OK indicating that the opening of the prosperous port.To check, type the command netstat -aon, in the list of open ports, you will see and the port 3344.
again to close the port 3344, type the following command netsh firewall delete portopening TCP 3344. You can close this port,simply remove it from the list of firewall exceptions.
When using third-party firewalls concrete way to open a port depends on what firewall you are using.But the general procedure for opening the port is usually the same - you need to create a new rule, which specify the port number, data transfer protocol and connection type, incoming or outgoing.