If you use a remote administration software, which allows to control the cursor on another computer, then restart is carried out in the usual way - press the "Start" menu, select "off" - "Reset".After that, the connection to the remote computer is interrupted, it will restart.
There is an option reboot the remote computer via the command line - provided that you have access to it.To reset using the shutdown command with the appropriate parameters.For example, if you type in the command line shutdown -t 0 -r -f and press Enter, the computer will be restarted immediately.
command options are as follows: -t - sets the time before shutdown.The example above shows the time 0 seconds, so the computer immediately begins to restart.
If you specify a different time, for example, 20 seconds, the screen will display a window with the warning that the computer will restart in the specified time.Option -r (reboot) says that it will restart, not off.To turn off your computer, use the option -s.The next option -f, he says that all running applications will be closed without warning the user.
you can display any additional message, enclose it in double quotes as follows: shutdown -t -r 20 -c «Warning, the computer will restart in 20 seconds!".The parameter c in this case indicates the presence of a comment.Remember that when the team set quotes should be entered directly into the command line and do not paste the copied phrase with quotes.