Tip 1: How to remove Windows XP account

Windows XP operating system designed to work with multiple users.Their accounts are changed when you restart the computer or log out.If necessary, any accounting record user can be deleted.
Account Control (accounts) of users in the Windows operating system is carried out using a special service.In order to start it enter the "Start" menu and click "Control Panel."In your Control Panel, double-click on the "User Accounts".In the window of the service displays all user accounts on the computer.With this service user accounts, you can temporarily disable or completely remove.You can not just turn off and remove only an entry administrator has special rights.
To delete an entry computer user, select the required account and click on its icon.This action will open the account settings, which will be presented to all the possible actions with her.To delete an entry user Windows XP, click "Delete account".Then make a choice of action you want to perform a file is deleted the
account.These data can be saved on the desktop administrator, or permanently remove from your computer.By selecting the appropriate action to confirm the removal of the account.
Besides the possibility of logging in through a separate account, which has almost unlimited rights included in Windows XP is possible with the help of a special type of account under the name "Guest."Accounting record guest can not be deleted, but you can turn it off.To do this, select an record guest in the service "User Accounts" and click "Disable account" Guest. "Now, when you turn on the computer select an account to access will not be provided.

Tip 2: How to delete the account Windows Live

Deleting your account Windows Live takes place in several stages. The most rasprostarnennaya error for users of this service is that they forget to first remove the related accounts, and Windows Live, respectively, an error.
How to remove Windows Live account
you need
  • - access to the Internet.
Remove all related to Windows Live accounts on different sites.This is true in the case if you use your account information in the system to log on to other resources.Go to each of them in turn and deactivate your account.
Note that this is available only for the services that support the removal of established account , in the case where it is impossible or difficult to remove the account, contact your site administrator, or wait until the end of the deadline set for self-removala user of your account.
Go to Windows Live (https://account.live.com/), after entering the login and password in the appropriate form.Perform settings account removal and carefully read the warning system about which of the user data can not be total removal.
Then agree to the terms and click "OK".After that you will be unavailable edit profile information, which still remain in the database and user settings, and input your login and password.Also, there will remove and connected accounts.Further, you can not use this service for the old data, and also will not be able to register on the site using an account Windows Live.
To remove the utilities that work with Windows Live, your computer to perform the uninstall them using the menu or Remove Programs in the Control Panel, after completing all the process that involves data utility.
In the list of programs, select Windows Live using the mouse and click on the "Delete" button on the right.If necessary, restart your computer.If in the future you will need to use Windows Live, create a new account with a different mailbox.
Helpful Hint
Do not delete the account in case if she can help you in the future.
  • how to rename account


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