you need
  • - installation disc of Windows.
Members who have dealt with the installation of the operating system immediately will tell you that in the BIOS you want to switch to a removable hard disk.In this case, the download will start from that disk.You will see a window for selecting the language settings, click on the button at the bottom of the "Next".Then click on the "System Restore" again "Next" and finally select the key "Command Prompt."
In the opened command line, enter the word regedit, then press Enter.Then you will see the Registry Editor.In the list of topics, click the mouse on the folder Lokal_Machine.Go to the menu called "File" menu and choose item "Uplo
Now go to the drive on which you install your operating system (for example, drive C).Then, open the Windows, System32, config and System.
Once you see the box "Load Hive", enter a name in the blank field for the partition.It may be any and consist of even numbers.Now, go to local_machineimya razdelaSetup.Then click option CmdLine, enter a value cmd.exe, click OK.Do the same with SetupType, just remember to change the 0 to 2.
Select the partition you created, and then go to the File menu and select the line "Unload Hive."After performing this operation, remove the installation CD, close the command prompt and registry editor itself.In the recovery options, click on the restart.
After restarting the computer will display a command prompt window.To reset the old password, use this command: net user username new password (between words, be sure to insert a space).Its implementation confirm by pressing Enter.You can close the command prompt and log on.