you need
  • - Administrator rights.
Run the utility "System Configuration".To do this, click "Start" - "Run" in the right-hand side menu.This operating system registry, which allows you to execute commands when by entering specific values.Type msconfig combination of characters and confirm the input buttons on the keyboard.
you need tab "Download".In this window, the settings can be set download options, set the timeout, and more.If your computer has more than one operating system in the list highlight.Then, check the box next to "No Gui».Click "Apply" and "OK" and reboot the system.To do this, click on the "Start" tab and select "Turn off the computer."Next, click "Restart."
Download position at Vista Boot Logo Generator
, to create your own screensaver for loading period.This utility will allow you to choose a favorite image and save it in a special format.Find please visit loading carefully check all files when a license antivirus software.
Record created screensaver called winload.exe.mui the directory C: WindowsSystem32en-US (or u-RU, if the operating system Russified).Agree to the question of the need to overwrite an existing file screen.
Restart the computer.At this time, in place of standard Windows screen saver, you will see with his own selected image.The utility can create images with a resolution of 800 x 600, 24 bits, and 1024 × 768, do not change the preset parameters, or your screen saver will not appear.There are various at decomposition to create this kind of screen savers, you can find them on the Internet.Also worth noting is that the computer's operating system, you can change not only the standard image and the sound, and more.