To cancel the erroneous action documents created in MS Word, in the "Edit" menu, select "Cancel."This same result can be achieved using hotkeys Alt + Backspace.If you suddenly realized that action was right, and nothing you cancel it, use the combination Ctrl + Y.
On the Quick Access Find the button "Cancel".If you want to cancel several actions, click on the down arrow next to the button to open the list of last committed action.When holding the left mouse button select the cursor unnecessary surgery and release the key.This same result can be achieved by using the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Z.
next to "Cancel" on the Quick Access Toolbar is a button "Return".It returns the remote steps.Her action duplicated function key F4.If the "Cancel" button is not used, "Return" is not available.
to cancel in MS Excel also use the command "Undo" from the Edit menu, "Cancel" button on the Quick Access Toolbar and keyboard shortcuts Alt + Backspace and Ctrl + Z.To return the canceled action mistakenly used the same means as in MS Word.
in Adobe Photoshop in this situation is convenient to use hotkeys Ctrl + Alt + Z and click Step Backward («step back") from the menu Edit («Editing").To return to the repealed acts wrongly apply the command Step Forward («Step Up") and the combination Shift + Ctrl + Z.
addition to the standard buttons and commands in Photoshop is a comfortable option History («History").Find it on the menu Window («Window") and tick.Search on the History panel unnecessary action , hook it with the mouse and drag it to the Trash icon at the bottom of the panel.To undo all changes, click on the icon image at the top of the list.
If you have made a fatal change in the operating system, restore its performance will help service "System Restore."Call the Run window combination Win + R and type the string "Open" command msconfig.Go to the tab "Tools", check in the "System Restore" and click "Run."Choose a date closest to that when they were made missteps.