you need
  • - computer.
increase or decrease screen resolution monitor easy.To do this, left-click on the button "Start" menu.In the list on the right tab, select "Control Panel."
You see a dialog box listing all the capabilities of your computer and the various settings.Find the tab "Appearance and Personalization".On different operating systems, the tab may be called differently.Maybe just "Personalization."However, no special differences, so the problems with this operation will not occur.Click the left mouse button.
Next, select the task "Setting the screen resolution ».This opens a window "Monitor".In the bottom left of the window that
serves the scale slider.Above it the inscription "Resolution."If your computer has a high resolution, the slider will be at values ​​"above."Under the scale written permission screen , established at the moment.For example, 1280 by 800 pixels.
Move the mouse cursor to the slider, click it and hold the mouse button, move to the value of "below."The value of permits screen change.The system will ask: "Save a new permit?".Click on the button «Ok» or "Save".Operation lower resolution screen completed.The icons on the screen, operable windows become much larger.You can easily distinguish icons.But their edge, and the edge of the windows may be uneven.This occurs at low screen resolutions .
you can try different options for screen resolution .It should take into account the fact that the size of the labels on your PC will vary, so pay special attention to this.In general we can say that change the screen resolution on your computer is not difficult, the main thing to do everything step by step.In the future you will not have these problems with the computer.